Fox West Theatre



Architectural Description of Auditorium and Foyer

The general design throughout is of a renaissance, the interior being treated in the rococo style of French Renaissance. The main entrance to the theater proper is through a lobby sixteen feet wide and forty feet deep. 

The auditorium is sixty-three feet wide, while the length from curtain to rear wall is sixty-eight feet. The height from orchestra pit to ceiling is fifty-two feet. The proscenium arch is thirty-four feet wide and the same in height. The arch is elliptical in form and bends back in this form to the front of the boxes where it meets the pendentive, filling the angle between the boxes and sides of the auditorium. The pendentive is carried to the ceiling, increasing in size and finishing with a cove forming a large, semi-circle or ceiling sweeping back to the rear wall, not unlike the bell of a horn. 

The floor of the auditorium is of a saucer form. Total seating capacity is 1,200: orchestra floor 600, balcony 250, gallery 350. There is a height of seventy-one feet from the stage floor to the floor of the loft above which supports the scenery and the depth from curtain to rear wall is thirty-four feet. This is the only know extant theater in Colorado with two balconies.

The Fox West Theatre 22,000sf

  • Including two retail bays (originally a drugstore and a saloon), and a 4,000 sq ft basement ballroom

  • Auditorium capacity 1,200 (600 main floor; 350 balcony; bench seating in 2nd balcony)

  • Stage measures 65' wide, 35' deep, 34' to proscenium, 71' to rigging loft

  • Only two-balcony theater in existence in Colorado

  • Over two million bricks and twelve train car loads of Portland cement used in its construction

  • Located on Main Street in Trinidad, Colorado, in the Corazon de Trinidad Historic District