This list represents only a small portion of the actors and performers that have appeared at the Fox-West Theater. Film premieres and screenings are not provided here, unless the screening included stage appearances. This list is made possible through the support of Carnegie Library of Trinidad, Colorado, and their microfiche collection of the Chronicle-News. 


March 22, 1908: "The Gingerbread Man" (play)


September 25, 1909: "McFadden's Flats" (play)

October 18, 1909: John Philip Sousa and his band

December 18, 1909: Shakespeare's "Henry VIII," with Louis James


October 16, 1911: "Don't Lie to Your Wife" (play) with Dave Lewis

October 22, 1911: "Polly of the Circus" (play) with Ida St. Leon, produced by Frederick Thompson

December 14, 1911: appearance by Sitting Bull

December 21, 1911: "Bright Eyes" (play) with Cecil Lean and Florence Holbrook, produced by Jos. M. Gaites

December 27, 1911: "Paid in Full!" (play), produced by Wagenhals & Kemper


January 15, 1912: Royal Welsh Ladies' Choir, with Marianne Squire

January 25, 1912: "Checkers" (play) with Dave Braham, produced by Kirke La Shelle

March 19, 1912: "Madame Sherry" (play), with Oscar Pigman, Marie Flynn, Flo Irwin, 

Lilian Tucker, David Lithgoe, and Virigina Foltz, produced by Woods, Frazec, and Lederer

May 24, 1912: Violinist Haroldi with accompanist Rudolph Polak

September 18, 1912: Bull Moose Rally (political event)

September 19, 1912: "Beverly of Graustark" (play)

September 25, 1912: The John E. Frank Players, with Nellie Watter and John E. Frank (play)

September 26, 1912: Eddie Leach vs. Benny Chavez (boxing)

October 27, 1912: "The Rosary" (play), produced by Gaskill and MacVitty


July 10, 1913: "Dog's Monkey Hotel" (novelty)

October 7, 1913: Mabel Reigelman (opera)


February 17, 1915: "The Winning of Barbara Worth" (play), produced by Klaw and Erlanger

April 25, 1915: Richards & Pringle's Famous Minstrels, with Clarence Powell

May 6, 1915: Rube Welch with the Twentieth Century Maids, produced by Western Wheel Burlesque Co. 

October 18, 1915: Polly Primrose, Billie Franklin, Delia Celia, and La Serranita (dance)

December 5, 1915: "When Dreams Come True" (play)

December 30, 1915: "A Pair of Sixes" (play), with Oscar Figman


February 27, 1916: "September Morn" (play), produced by Lowland and Clifford


February 13, 1917: Edison Disc Phonograph demonstration and "tone test," with singer Elizabeth Spencer and violinist Abraham Bond, sponsored by Trinidad Furniture Co.


August 18, 1919: Shimmie dancers Marty Deem and Lucille Wood 

August 22, 1919: Julian Eltinge and his Revue of Nineteen Nineteen (Vaudeville)


April 19, 1920: "The Chocolate Soldier" (opera), produced by Ralph Dunbar

December 28, 1920: "The Mikado" (opera), produced by Ralph Dunbar


September 15, 1921: Fashion and style show, sponsored by J. Goldsmith and Sons of Trinidad, Colorado


September 24, 1925: John Philip Sousa and his band


September 10, 1926: Ukelele contest, sponsored by Flynn's Music Store of Trinidad, Colorado

December 23, 1926: Community Christmas party, sponsored by Jewel Company of Trinidad, Colorado


September 9, 1929: John Philip Sousa and his band


October 12, 1930: appearance by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's trademark Leo the Lion


June 30, 1932: "The Law Of Sex" with Dr. Henri Clayton, presented by "The Institute of Moral and Hygienic Education"

December 27, 1932: Community Christmas concert, featuring the Trinidad Concert Orchestra and the Monday Music and Apollo Clubs of Trinidad, Colorado


July 22, 1933: "Wheeler and Woolsey in 'Diplomaniacs'" (vaudeville), with Chief Cherokee Bill

September 12, 1933: "Fifth Avenue Salon" (fashion show), sponsored by Smart Shoppe of Trinidad, Colorado

September 30, 1933: grand re-opening of the ballroom, featuring Ken Wolfe and his orchestra, with Miss Less Humphries, vocalist


February 3, 1934: Nelda John and Don Coleman (dance), with Ken Wolfe and his orchestra


September 16, 1935: organ recital by Frederick Marriott, organist and carillonist

November 30, 1935: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer "studio on wheels" presentation


December 22, 1938: Live radio broadcast of Christmas carols from the West auditorium organ, with organist Sewell Barker


September 9, 1940: "Colorado" (film), with appearance by Roy Rogers


January 6, 1941: Violinist Rubinoff

February 8, 1941: "Ridin' On a Rainbow" (film), with appearance by Smiley Burnette

December 31, 1941: New Years' bonfire on Main Street


March 26, 1942: "Two Yanks in Trinidad" (film) world premiere, with street parade, live music, fireworks, appearance by Eddie "Porkchop" Harris

June 26, 1942: scrap rubber drive and free matinee, held in collaboration with the Strand, Rialto, and East theaters and the City of Trinidad


October 14, 1943: "This Is the Army" (film premiere), with stage show by Camp Trinidad service members


August 16, 1946: "Breakfast in Trinidad" stage show and live radio broadcast


February 19, 1947: "San Quentin" (film), with live radio broadcast and appearance by "one time bandit and train robber" Bill Carlisle 

November 3, 1947: "In Old Los Angeles" (film), with appearance by Republic Pictures actor "Wild Bill" Elliot


June 8, 1950: Building Supplies Show, sponsored by Messer Lumber Company of Trinidad, Colorado


September 4, 1952: Hollywood Radio Party, with Carl Webster Pierce, sponsored by Trinidad Lions Club


March 19, 1954: cooking class, presented by Safeway Stores of Trinidad


October 7, 2018: Gov. John Hickenlooper, with Dana Crawford of Urban Neighborhoods, Inc. and Trinidad City Council members


April 28, 2019: Riding Shotgun, with Tom Stepsis, Joseph DePasquale, and Chris Antonowich

June 6, 2019: Donna Harper Keyes; Samuel Young; Top O' The Mornin' (Larry and Lyssa Messoline)